Matchmaking service

  1. User registration Users create profiles that are managed by their individual agents. Each agent holds the user’s preferences, profile information, and interaction history. Agents use Zupass for verifiable credentials, ensuring that users are real and preventing catfishing.

  2. Matchmaking Process: The multi-agent system runs the matchmaking algorithm. This system only needs pseudonymous information (e.g., agent IDs and Elo ratings) to function. Agents periodically request matchmaking updates from the multi-agent service. These updates include potential matches based on the algorithm.

  3. P2P AI-Driven Interactions: Once a match is made, the individual agents use Waku to establish a secure and private communication channel. Conversations are designed to mimic human interaction, allowing agents to gauge compatibility and engagement.

  4. Feedback Mechanism: After an interaction, agents provide feedback to the multi-agent service about the experience. The agent summarizes this feedback into a non-identifiable success metric (e.g., interaction success, engagement level) and sends it to the multi-agent matchmaking service.

  5. Updating Matchmaking Algorithm: The multi-agent system uses the received feedback to update the matchmaking algorithm (e.g., adjusting Elo ratings). This feedback loop helps the system improve match quality over time while preserving user privacy.

Polycule Labs

Crunching glass polyphonically.


As a toucan searches for fruit in the rainforest, Toucan, searches for vulnerabilities in your code.


We are the R&D team of the Casper Association.

Governance Gladiators

We are a bunch of governance nerds trying to improve the way DAOs work and to increase the efficiency of DAO throughput of Proposals.


Maintain complete privacy while harnessing the benefits of cryptos frictionless transactions and custody.


Developing decentralised technologies to create a more free world


hacking on a tiny socio-economic experiment

FOSS Health

Quickly & easily assess and discover healthy (Web3) FOSS projects and communities, so you can use and/or contribute to them more readily, impactfully, and sustainably. We aim for a most insightful ‘State of the FOSS’ overview by incorporating (the most) meaningful types of metrics, and subsequently gathering, analyzing and displaying (the most) insightful data about the current and future health (or ‘quality’) within the broader FOSS ecosystem.


R55 is an Ethereum Execution Client that seamlessly integrates RISCV smart contracts alongside traditional EVM smart contracts. This dual support operates over the same Ethereum state, and communication happens via ABI-encoded calls.

On the high level, R55 enables the use of pure Rust smart contracts, opening the door for a vast Rust developer community to engage in Ethereum development with minimal barriers to entry.

On the low level, RISCV code allows for optimization opportunities distinct from the EVM, including the use of off-the-shelf ASICs. This potential for performance gains can be particularly advantageous in specialized domains.


We like art, privacy and CONSUMER PROTECTION (づ ◕‿◕ )づ

Remix AI

Exploring the intersections between AI, Art and Web3

Tum Blockchain Club PriMaci

The magic of cryptography gives us privacy, while the resilience of blockchains allows for global, coordinated, coercion-resistant institutions.” - Jarrad Hope


Hacking on top of fluidKey (stealth addresses) and zkBob (zk transactions)


Media Authenticity Verification Solution


Anonymous, permissionless, and self-governing reporting on an uncensorable platform, with free contribution for everyone.


Use your Safe on any chain privately via Safe app integrated with Railgun


zero knowledge privacy-preserving personalized ads


Artificial Life

Powerhouse x Ubiquity

Ubiquity & Powerhouse are making Decentralized Identities useful by picking up different behavior & social signal that put the utility into decentralised identities.


We are working on a smart contract that buys any NFT or ERC20 token for a very small amount of ETH. Why, just why?? - you may ask. For tax reasons of course. Ever heard of tax loss harvesting? Don’t worry, we will explain it.


Cr3dential is an innovative credential management solution created by students, for students. It leverages zero-knowledge proof (zk proof) technology to enable efficient management and verification of credentials without the need to decrypt personal data.


Once upon a time in Munich, a magical breeze carried Team Birkenpollen to Berlin. Their mission? To plant seeds of decentralization and scatter transformative ideas like enchanted pollen.

Guided by the spirit of freedom, they broke ancient spells of rigidity, spreading hope and creativity. They nurtured a garden in vibrant Berlin where ideas bloomed and dreams took flight.

Sincerely, Your pollen Ayşenur, Lukas, Tommy, Sascha


original founders, CEOs, Advisors, CTOs, MDs, Heads, Leads, CFos and interns of Bet&Bed


Find it hard to socialize at hackathons? Too shy to break the ice? Just use Zumeet – the perfect conversation starter with a gamified twist to help you meet new people and collect lasting memories! Get started now:


Improving hackers life regarding getting their bounty in case they win.

We the people

A person is a person through other people Ubuntu - I am because we are


Dead person switch made easy with Farcaster

Trigger Warding

just out here hacking and stuff.

Anti-Correlation Attestation Penalties

The decentralization of the validator set is one of the most important properties of Ethereum for credible neutrality and censorship resistance. By adjusting penalties to foster decentralization, diversification and fault-tolerance, our EIP proposes to adjust penalties in a way that more diversified entities get lower penalties while entities with high correlations in their setup face more servere ones.


We’ve got a bit upset with the situation with fake job entries in CVs, and either find a way to ease this pain, or at least have fun trying!


zk TRIPSTER stands for Time Release Incentive Platform for Security Threat Ethical Reporting +

  • Bug bounty programs in the DeFi space can be difficult to run and maintain, not always honored, and may not always offer sufficient compensation for white hats. This can decrease hackers’ motivation to report vulnerabilities, potentially leading to a less secure DeFi ecosystem. -

  • zk TRIPSTER utilizes zkPoEX (zk proof of exploit) as a crucial element that enables ethical hackers to demonstrate the discovery of a vulnerability without immediately disclosing the specific details of the exploit. The main objective is to enhance communication and foster trustless collaboration between vulnerability researchers and DeFi application developers. -

  • This project aims to create an end-to-end verifiable cryptographic infrastructure that facilitates coordinated vulnerability disclosure and contingent transactions for trading exploit information for monetary reward. -

Hackaton Center - Powered by dRPC

Creating dynamic generated NFT’s that gain experience attending EthBerlin hackatons.


Team that built zu-git-proofs, enabling governance with trusted anons.


We hack the global financial system with ~100 loc.


Quickly & easily discovering healthy (Web3) FOSS projects and communities.


fixing corrupt policy more corruption 🤝

InsideOut Team

Self-DA & Storage zkrollup toy model


fixing corrupt policy more corruption 🤝

Run DeFi interfaces locally and KYC free. A tool for DeFi users to host their favorite DeFi frontends locally and KYC free, ensuring protocol access without depending on external hosting or regulatory permissions.


We like hacking data, dev tools, and zk


Chimera is a wallet that reduces traceability and improves overall user experience by managing multiple temporary addresses with a single seed phrase.

Team Secret Talk

Striving to a privacy focused world.

P2P Mentorship

Short Description of the Project: P2P Mentorship is an innovative platform that connects individuals seeking guidance on web3 technologies with experienced mentors. Users can ask questions, receive personalized help, and build valuable skills through peer-to-peer interactions.

DisrUptIng eThBeRlIn tHrOuGh aGgrEsSivE nOn-cOmPliaNcE ⚡️


ETHBerlin isn’t true to its values.

Core values of ETHBerlin have been violated.

They must be restored.

Our answer: aggressive non-compliance.



Our team at Voto has created an innovative on-chain, censorship-resistant voting solution utilizing decentralized identities. We address the trust and identity challenges in traditional voting systems by leveraging a community-based identity system, Zupass, and the MACI protocol for anonymous, bribery-resistant voting.


Probably watched Matrix too much…


Code > Starcraft > Eat > Repeat.

ZK Teachooors

We’re about teaching zk in an easy-to-learn and visual manner.

Instead of chewing glass to read the papers, or read multi-chapter blog-post series, we condensed the core mathematical principles behind the succinctness of SNARKs in an easier-to-digest manner while not being shy about the maths and providing examples.

Open Explorer - fast, local, configurable, os, block explorer

Our mission is to create open tools that provide seamless fast access to Ethereum and related blockchain data. We believe in empowering users by offering flexible solutions that cater to their specific needs, ensuring that the ability to understand onchain activity is improved in a self sovereign way. By developing tools that prioritize user sovereignty and transparency, we aim to eliminate gatekeeping barriers and enable a more decentralized and open blockchain ecosystem for everyone.

Let’s end the monopolistic reign of Etherscan for a more open future.


We work on user-friendly tools


we are the team that built zk0fficer - the zk0fficers, if you will (Ben, Derya, Niklas)

ivan's team

i am just hacking on stuff (:


Building Beacon of Privacy and Resistance in a World Teetering on the Edge.


Chainmail is an zero-knowledge proof powered email marketplace / whistleblower platform that empowers users to sell authenticated emails without revealing their identity.

The project leverages ZK Email to generate ZKPs of emails via their DKIM signatures.

By analysing the DKIM signature in the header of an email, we can verify the public key of the sender’s domain.

After verification, a ZKP of the email is generated via a circom circuit to hide the recipient address, hash the email body and provide public signals for details such as the sender, subject & ETH address of the owner.

Chainmail then provides a smart-contract backed marketplace to facilite the sale and transmission of these emails between buyers & sellers.

Transaction disputes are mediated via an implemented DAO (Chainmail DAO).

CodeKarma's Team

Luke Schoen and Sven


Unlocking the Future of Real Estate with Cross-Chain Tokenization


The vision is to put Berlin’s club culture on a blockchain. The driving idea is to fund a largely underfunded cultural sector while making Berlin’s much loved club culture accessible globally via web3 technology. The purpose is to export the unique techno culture by funding Berlin events hosting parties aboard. The funding process entails the KlubCHAIN community voting on event proposals submitted by the organisers. Funds from the KlubCHAIN treasury are released according to the budget of the proposal.

The ideology and core values of the blockchain community and the techno community are rather similar. It’s time to unite both and create an example of successful blockchain integration into an existing cultural sector.


Game developer building permissionless and persistent game worlds