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ETH Evacuations Donation Tracker by Breadchain Cooperative Freedom to Transact Social Impact

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The problem Eth Evacuations Donation Tracker solves

ETH Evacuations ( is a project to help evacuate those suffering under some of the worst human conditions possible in Gaza to evacuate and assist those who have already been evacuated with stabilizing their lives. It is being led by Kat Young who is receiving donations and then coordinating how the crypto gets directly into the hands of Gazans. While her website is well designed and gives all the information people need to understand what she’s doing, visitors can’t see what donations she has received already or as they are happening that is mobile friendly. Today at ETH Berlin, she will be interviewed on stage by Joshua Davila and we would like to use this moment to encourage those in the audience to donate and watch the donations come in real time. We’ve created a webpage that will be shown during the interview so that people can see donations live as she speaks about her experience.

Challenges you ran into

Challenges we faced included the difficulty to find a good indexing service that shows on-chain data in real-time across several chains at once and then organize the transactions into one list. Most of the other challenges we faced revolved around design and displaying the data in a way that makes sense to people watching the site and encourages donations.

We also had a launch event on Saturday which lessened the amount of time we had to work on it :)

Technology used

  • Ethereum, Optimism, Arbitrum, Gnosis
  • Moralis API for indexing
  • React, NextJS, Netlify Cloud Function
  • Figma for design