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Intro and Objective

My main objective at EthBerlin4 was to explore the cool space around AA and get my hands dirty. The result of this is a paymaster contract that enshrines and rewards a certain set of social norms.

You follow the norms (include a certain message in your UserOp)? Society rewards you (the Paymaster sponsors your UserOps gas).

You want to change society (the types of messages the Paymaster promotes)? You’ll have to build a movement (sacrifice ETH that will help future UserOps).

Messages can take the form of “the internet should be free”, or they could be anything society (or a sufficiently determined individual) determines them to be.

Future thoughts

This is clearly a quite simplistic version of rewarding positive UserOperations and incentivizing good social behavior in blockspace, but i find the idea quite fascinating to take further.

Thanks for a great hackathon experience!