Team's submissions

Pomar: Peer-to-peer Mentoring Meta-award Social Impact Demo at 13:20 in Room 7

The problem Pomar solves

Current education systems are centralized and quickly become outdated. This is no different in Web3. Builders face a paradox where access to peer-to-peer guidance is fragmented and often limited by geographic boundaries. The rapid evolution and complexity of emerging technologies only exacerbate these challenges, making it even harder for developers to find the mentorship they need. Our platform addresses these issues by creating peer-to-peer spaces where mentees can join mentors on a quest to learn something mutually beneficial. This enables personalized, secure, and privacy-focused learning journeys, fostering innovation and growth in the Web3 space.

Challenges you ran into

1.	Zupass Integration: Integrating Zupass for non-biometric identity verification presented significant challenges. We identified numerous improvement opportunities to enhance user privacy and security without compromising usability.
2.	Team Dynamics: We faced setbacks due to the loss of two team members during the project, which required us to quickly adapt and redistribute tasks to maintain progress.
3.	Ensuring Privacy and Security: Balancing privacy and security with usability was a significant challenge. We needed to ensure that mentors and mentees could interact anonymously without compromising the integrity of their identities.
4.	Creating an Inclusive Environment: Designing a system that accommodates diverse users from different geographic regions, each with unique learning needs and constraints, required a thoughtful and flexible approach.
5.	Rapid Technological Changes: Keeping up with the fast-paced nature of Web3 technologies to ensure our platform remains relevant and effective was an ongoing challenge.
6.	Integrating Feedback Mechanisms: Developing a mutual feedback system that is simple yet effective in promoting accountability and maintaining high-quality interactions.

Technology used

  1. nextjs
  2. zupass
  3. zuauth
  4. material-ui
  5. supabase