hacking on a tiny socio-economic experiment

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The problem GivETH TakETH solves

To solve the “multi-dimensional identity crisis” (ETHBerlin04 Manifesto), tech won’t save us. Instead, we need more experimentation. We have all the tools for interesting socio-economic experiments to learn how people interact in social and economic situations. Practical behavioural finance, but dead simple. GiveETH TakETH is a tiny “Hello World” example that asks what happens when we allow everyone to put ETH into a contract and also to take out ETH from that contract, without restrictions…

(Do we already know) what will happen?

Challenges you ran into

Multiple bugs / frustrating documentation issues in the tech stack I use, it’s also my first project on ETH, big learning experience.

Technology used

GiveETH TakETH consists of a (currently) mobile dApp and a smart contract. Flutter / Dart, Infura, remix, Sepolia testnet, Etherscan API, Android phone