Once upon a time in Munich, a magical breeze carried Team Birkenpollen to Berlin. Their mission? To plant seeds of decentralization and scatter transformative ideas like enchanted pollen.

Guided by the spirit of freedom, they broke ancient spells of rigidity, spreading hope and creativity. They nurtured a garden in vibrant Berlin where ideas bloomed and dreams took flight.

Sincerely, Your pollen Ayşenur, Lukas, Tommy, Sascha

Team's submissions

Schufher - A private alternative to the Schufa credit scores Defensive Tooling Social Impact

The problem Schufher solves

Whether you want to sign a mobile phone contract, switch your energy provider, or take out a loan, your personal credit score is crucial. In Germany, this service is monopolized by Schufa. Schufa collects extensive personal data to compute credit scores, often exploiting those in need. Moreover, there have been multiple data breaches involving Schufa’s data. Additionally, an investigation by SZ revealed that Schufa collaborates with energy providers to prevent customers from regularly switching providers. Our conclusion: The current Schufa-based credit rating system is fundamentally broken. We solve this problem by providing the alternative solution schufher which computes the credit score on encrypted data using FHE.

Challenges you ran into

We are building on the Zama library concrete-ml, which took us a long time to set up due to unstable compatibility with Apple Silicon.

Technology used

concrete-ml FHE Vue.js Docker Flask Python