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The problem [CVWhisper: the Vagabond CV] solves

A cheap and reasonably anonymous proof of work record.

  1. Hiring is expensive: it’s normal to spend 10-15k EUR to hire a new developer in Berlin.
  2. Of that, at least 3k is spent on figuring out whether the whole experience the candidate claims to have is fake.
  3. Umbrellas, unofficial employment, and informal coding sessions are not outliers but the fabric of the system. People may want to have more than one CV, sometimes with little to no interactions between them, so no fingerprints and IDs will come to save us.
  4. People with very different professions and skill sets may want to join the party.
  5. Companies don’t mind paying to verify their employees: it’s a nice extra bonus.

Challenges you ran into

There are interesting competitors in the market, like or

They are doing a great job but are a bit too KYC-focused to stay versatile. As an employee, you have to reveal A LOT about your identity, and even non-profit organizations pay a fixed tax of 2500 USD per annum to use the system. As an employee from a third-world country, you are almost doomed to fail their KYC; as an independent crypto-buddy or a journalist, you have to tell way too much about your identity.

On the other hand, something like (, may nicely fit in. Their main focus is blockchain-based verification of getting things done and building a community, and their history may be organically used in our CVs

Technology used


Nice 2 have:

  • NEAR (human-readable account names with hierarchy!)
  • Zupass (convenient auth)