Chimera Defensive Tooling User Experience

Chimera is a wallet extension that manages multiple adresses with one mnemonic phrase.

The Problem Chimera Solves User wallets and transaction histories can be tracked, linking this data to individuals. This creates a significant privacy issue. Chimera reduces traceability and improves overall user experience by managing multiple temporary addresses with a single seed phrase.

How It Works? Users start by creating a wallet. Then, choose how many temporary addresses they need. Chimera makes a dashboard showing all these addresses. Dashboard shows all active addresses, transaction histories and other details. Chimera has an algorithm to pick the best number of addresses for each transaction for lowest gas fees.

Challenges you ran into

The eth-hd-wallet library we use has no typescript support. Eth-hd-wallet required deleting existing wallets to fetch all wallets, which took a long time to resolve due to the lack of documentation.

###Technology Used

-Express.js library -Eth-hd-wallet library -React -Plasmo

###Future Improvements Support multiple non-EVM networks, allowing users to manage temporary addresses across different blockchains from a single interface. App for IOS and Android.