CarnationFM: BROADCAST FOR LIBERATED FUTURE Defensive Tooling Social Impact

Established systems are failing.

Carnation is an experiment in decentralized and encrypted communication with a focus on music as transport vessel carrying hidden messages. It empowers users to broadcast their voice and coordinate with others securely and privately all while safeguarding their anonymity.

Contribute with an audio file (wav, flac) and weave in an encrypted message into to subsonic frequencies. This hidden channel allows for discreet communication.

Carnation prioritizes anonymity, letting your voice be heard without compromising your safety. It thrives on community. It’s a space for collaboration, where people can unite and coordinate towards a shared vision.

Imagine the underprivileged individuals and collectives whose message is embedded in the music, broadcasted for all to hear, yet only those who know where to look can decipher it.

We have created CLI for encryption of the message into the wav file which is then uploaded onto ETHSwarm decentralized data storage. We have deployed our frontend via Scaffold-ETH2 and deployed our smart contracts for auction of the 24h playlist NFT (funding mechanism for data storage) on ETHSepolia.

Explore our Tech Stack diagram in our slides – here