GitVault : Identity-less and censorship resistant code collaboration Defensive Tooling User Experience

The problem GitVault solves

  • Identity-less code collaboration on a censorship resistant version control
  • Ability to make codebases decentralised within 5 clicks

99% of web3’s codebase lives in github - a centralised git client that uses servers that can be censored for various reasons. One of the examples include the censorship of Tornado cash from Github. After the censorship, most of the contributors were prosecuted and the project was no longer maintained due to the risk of getting doxxxed. With GitVault, you can backup your existing github repositories into a p2p storage network within just 5 clicks. You can also create and collaborate on p2p repositories that do not reveal your identity for contributions.

Challenges you ran into

  • Finding a team (had to hack solo)
  • Sorting out some Waku light client errors
  • Making IPNS work reliably

Technology used

Waku (p2p gossipsub network), some libp2p, IPFS, IPNS, NextJS, TailwindCSS, Github Developer API