How SNARKs Compress Infinite Computation Infrastructure Social Impact

The problem How SNARKs Compress Infinite Computation solves

  • The cryptography behind zkSNARKs is notoriously difficult to understand
  • SNARKs are either explained in an oversimplified manner or overly complicated via papers and multi-chapter blog series
  • It takes a lot of effort to gain an intuition around the core “magic” (how to flatten linear computations into a constant proof)
  • Understanding the math behind SNARKs has a lot of pre-requisites that are often taken for granted

Challenges you ran into

  • Creating a simplified version of SNARKs that was mathematically accurate while still being simple enough to explain in 1 video
  • Deciding what details to black box vs. explain
  • Learning how to use manim to animate different mathematical concepts and steps

Technology used

  • manim
  • iMovie
  • 120h of Homo Sapien Brain™️compute time