KinkLink Infrastructure

The problem KinkLink solves

Traditional dating apps require users to constantly swipe and make decisions about potential matches, leading to decision fatigue and cognitive overload. Moreover, many people cannot express themselves freely, out of fear of prosecution or worse. Even in more liberal places, users may feel hesitant to express their true preferences and identity on dating platforms due to concerns about privacy and judgment. And lastly, existing dating platforms often rely on proprietary algorithms for matchmaking, leaving users in the dark about how matches are made.

Challenges you ran into

We could not get the Waku demo repo to work reliably and decided to leverage libp2p instead. We also ran into the issue of dependency hell in python. It took a nightmarish amount of time to get the FSM application configured properly with compatible part and a considerable amount of hacking and a bit of monkey patching was required.

Technology used

Autonolas, Tendermint, HOPR RPCh, Libp2p, Gnosis Safe, Docker, Solidity