Hackaton Center - Powered by dRPC Meta-award User Experience

The problem Hackaton Center - Powered by dRPC solves

Hackaton Center: Mint dynamic NFTs that evolve as you level up

We wanted to create a cool collectible for hackaton enthusiasts that would evolve as they collect the Hackaton Poap’s (QR for simplicity of the MVP) Each hackaton will have a POAP (QR for simplicity of the MVP) that will redirect to mint the NFT, if you have already have an NFT minted it will raise your level and evolve your NFT giving you a nice collectible NFT as a prize.

Challenges you ran into

Some problems with the connection of the contract to the frontend since the contract is v2 and the utils are not updated yet we had to manually update and import some parts of the updated code.

Technology used

Rust for the contract React for frontend Mintbase-Js for connection