Secret Talk Defensive Tooling Social Impact

The problem Secret Talk solves

Video and voice calls can be monitored by anyone unless you use apps such as Telegram or Signal that uses encryption. But what if you are forced to use tools such as Google Meet due to governmental restrictions on these privacy preserving apps?

Meet “Secret talk” Ethereum powered voice encryption that allows you to join calls on Google Meet, Discrod, Teams and so on and still be in charge of who can actually hear you, and who hears a bunch of static noises :D

We achieve this via our custom virtual microphone driver where we encrypt your voice with another persons one time use ethereum key exchanged via a handshake that allows the recipient to hear decrypted sound while others, who do not have access are stuck with static sound.

Challenges you ran into

The whole voice encryption only for 1 other person with a key was a challenge to solve especially when dealing with Google Meet as they also format and compress the audio, making the decryption process much more difficult that it otherwise would be.

Technology used

Frontend is built on NEXT.js and the backend is mainly built on Rust with some open source drivers built on top of C.