RageAgainst.eu - run DeFi interfaces locally and KYC free Freedom to Transact User Experience

The problem RageAgainst.eu solves

We have become complacent. Upcoming changes in the regulatory environment are increasingly moving towards requiring KYC on centralised components, including hosted frontends. With rageagainst.eu, we give everyday DeFi users the power to host their own frontends locally, enabling everyone to use protocols the way they were meant to be used - without permission from The Union, and without the need to rely on other entities to host.

Challenges you ran into

  • Nixpacks is supposed to detect how to build and run most repos, but pretty much every UI repo requires some tweaking to get working.
  • Docker builds can be very slow on laptops.
  • Some dapp UIs, unfortunately, require centralised components such as WalletConnect project IDs.
  • It’s very difficult to build many dApp UIs. Inconsistent lockfiles, missing lockfiles, many other issues. After spending countless hours trying to configure builds for many dApps, we only got Uniswap, Tornado, and Aave interfaces working smoothly.
  • Electron, bundling, and node native modules (via napi-rs) do not play well together. Originally, we had nixpacks implemented as a node native module (very cool), but it refused to be packaged. So we had to rip it out, and for now, nixpacks must be installed as a separate dependency in order to use our app.

Technology used

  • Nixpacks
  • Docker
  • Electron