InclusionBribes Freedom to Transact Social Impact

Fixing corrupt policy with more corruption 🤝

The problem InclusionBribes solves

Some Ethereum contracts are being censored. Not only by MEV re-layers but also by the block builders. This means validators that use uncensored relayers can end up proposing censored blocks, because of builders who censor. We need to make uncensored blocks more lucrative.

InclusionBribes seeks to tip the scale for non censoring block builders to build more profitable blocks. InclusionBribes allows dapp developers to add a back-running MEV opportunity to any call on their contract. Developer can specify which functions of their contract will get bribes, which token it will be payed out in and how much per tokens will be payed out per call.

Challenges you ran into

Working out our idea. We first thought we would need to create a patricia tree proof of the transaction tree in order to pay rewards. Luckily one of the mentors (Josh) helped us figure out how to do it solely on the contract layer.
Making it generalizable. We mainly made it for tornadocash but we managed to make to more generalizable by specifying the function selector and calldata instead of hardcoding a interface.
Intergrating tornadocash. We weren’t able adapt the tornadocash ui to our contract but we did make a simplified dummy contract (named “Twister monies”) and ui to demo similar functionallity.

Technology used

Foundry, Wagmi/React, Ethereum, Solidity and JS/TS.