Acropolis - Authorized Anonymous Voting Social Tech Social Impact

The problem Acropolis solves

Acropolis enables Authorized Anonymous Voting through Signatures over Public Keys. The cryptographic identity of each User is treated as a Secret Input and never revealed to the public. Only the Signature issued by the Authorities for a “KYC-ed” user, alongside with the corresponding Public Key (one Public Key per election that is owned by the authority) are published for each election. An election is defined as a cycle with a fixed set of options to choose from and government issued identities.

Challenges you ran into

Developing an audit tool for independent entities to verify ZKP traces stored on Ethereum. Maintaining authorized identities in a secure manner, utilizing one-way functions and Risc0. Optimizing Proof size and proving speed.

Technology used

Risc0 with a Groth16 wrapper and k256 guest optimization.