Team that built zu-git-proofs, enabling governance with trusted anons.

Team's submissions

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The problem zu-git-proofs solves

Zu-Git-Proofs enables anonymous feedback in forums by assigning credibility badges based on GitHub contributions (e.g., Core Ethereum Contributor). Zu-Pass-Proofs ensures that participants can stay anon while being recognized and trusted with proven expertise. This approach fosters high-quality and reliable community discussions and governance while first maintaining user privacy, using Zupass.

Challenges you run into

We learned this weekend that Discourse was written in Ruby. We learned Ruby too :) On web3 side, Zupass was definitely a rollercoaster with integration. During certain times it looked easy but turns out that a lot of the current codebase can’t be used for this case (previously supported was event with tickets) and requires much more effort for support. Discourse deployment wasn’t an easy one and was the only part left that had to be left locally.

Technology used

  • Nodejs
  • Typescript
  • Bun
  • Ruby
  • React
  • Docker
  • ZuPass